The Magician of Messkirch

The first 2 acts occur in 1945 and the 3rd around 20 and 25 years later. This is my 2nd attempt at unravelling this intellectual ménage a trois, the first was with the playwright Ron Hart but at his death I was not party to the copyright, so I have begun again. Beginning again is what one has to do with Heidegger and Celan. I believe they are both saying something very important to modern man but saying can only point to a new direction.

(I am indebted to Rudiger Safranski’s biography of Heidegger for the references in Act 2).

Characters in order of appearance:
Martin Heidegger
Hannah Arendt
Tribunal Panel
Paul Celan

Act 1 – Heidegger’s study at his home in Freiberg
Act 2 – The Trial conducted in a chamber at the University
Act 3 – The hut at Todnauberg and then Heidegger’s study

View Intro and entire play in a single document here: Intro, Act 1, Act 2 , Act 3

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